Get the Supreme Help

Only God can truly help you.

Never rely on a man for help in life. Men can only help you according to their levels. Men are limited in all things. You can only give what you have and nothing more, so when a man offers help it is base on his level. This means the help you receive is limited to the helper’s level.

For example, when seeking employment from a man. His offer might be limited to his place of work because that might be the maximum of his capacity, he can’t offer more. But if you seek help from God he can give you an offer that is higher than the man you think will deliver your destiny.

When you seek help from God, the opportunity is endless. You have access to unlimited blessings because this God is unlimited. He is the Most High, the Most Powerful, the Only Wise, the All in All and the All sufficient God.

Never put your trust in any man, he might fail. Seek the Supreme Help! Seek the Ultimate! Seek the help of God! God is love, He never fails…

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